Why a web-based test of sign language?

The original Sign Language Receptive Skills Test (SLRST) was presented on DVD. We have updated the test so that children can carry it out on computer via the  test website. The project team who developed ( or ‘adapted’ for other sign language versions) the test is also currently up-dating the test scores. The test scores, or ‘test norms’, allow comparisons to be made with other children of the same age. By updating the norms, this means that in future, children who take the test can be compared with more recent test norms.


What does the test involve?

To do the test, children first name some simple pictures. Next, children watch some sentences in sign language on the computer. For each sentence, children select the picture that matches the meaning of the test sentence. An example of a test sentence is presented below. When a child starts to find the test difficult, the test will automatically stop.


Before taking the test: Giving consent

Children normally take the test in school. Before starting the test, the teacher/researcher who wishes to carry out the test will explain what is involved. Parents need to sign a consent form agreeing to their child taking the test. Parents can also consent to their child’s information being used in research, including production of new test norms, however participation in research is optional.


Before starting the test: Information about children

Once parents have given their consent, the teacher/researcher will enter some background information about the child into the test website, e.g. name, age, address, school, language(s) spoken/signed, etc. Each child is given a numerical ID code to ensure that information about them is kept confidential.  All information about children is stored securely on the website database.


What happens after children have taken the test?

The test takes about 10-20 minutes. At the end of the test, the test website will produce a report with each child’s test score. The teacher or researcher carrying out the test can share these results with parents.


Where can I find out more?

For further information about this test, speak to your child’s teacher/researcher, or contact the SLRST project team leader Ros Herman at City University London for the BSL version. For the ASL version please contact Charlotte Enns at the University of Manitoba.


Any problems?

This project has been approved by City University London School of Health Sciences Research Ethics Committee (LCS). If you would like to complain about any aspect of the project, you can contact Anna Ramberg (see below or link to contact details) and inform her that that the name of the project is Development of a web-based version of the British Sign Language Receptive Skills Test.


Anna Ramberg

Secretary to Senate Research Ethics Committee

Research Office E214

City University London

Northampton Square

London EC1V 0HB

Email: Anna.Ramberg.1@city.ac.uk

Tel: 020 7040 3040




Please contact us at admin@signlanguagetest.com